US$9.99: Leica iiif service manual

Here are the Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / CLEAN, LUBRICATE, AND ADJUST   Leica iiif rangefinder camera.

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“Leica iiif service manual”

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The Leica IIIf was Leitz‘s first 35mm camera body for screw mount lenses with built-in flash synchronization. It succeeded the Leica IIId, which was a rare variant of the Leica IIIc. Built-in synch means that, unlike its predecessors, the IIIf didn’t need an optional rework for flash photography. But flash sychronization still needed an extra adjustment, a contact number between 0 and 20 , which was depending on the type of flash bulbs. That was necessary since different types of bulbs needed different flash firing delay times for exact synchronization. The color of the contact number scale was changed from black to red in 1952 to make a distinction between the IIIf with older and the one with newer shutter types. The red dial model has a 1/50 flash sync speed compared with only 1/30 for the black dial model. When the camera body appeared on the market in 1950 it was already prepared for an upgrade adding a self-timer – that was available from 1954.

Leitz also made the IIf, without slow speeds; this also only had a 1/500 top speed on black dial models and early red dial models. The IIf has a round piece of vulcanite in the normal location of the slow speed dial. The even rarer If has no slow speeds, viewfinder or rangefinder. Unlike the IIIf and IIf, the If has the flash sync socket on the front of the body in place of the slow speed dial.


Below from Pacific Rim Camera Collection:

LeicaIIIFLeica IIIf Red Dial Self Timer, with 50/3.5 Elmar

Leica IIIf Black Dial, with 50/3.5 Elmar

Leica If Red Dial, with 50/3.5 Red Scale Elmar


In 1950 Leitz introduced what was to become the highest production screw mount Leica, the IIIF. It was essentially a IIIC with the addition of flash synchronization. Underneath the shutter speed is a ring for flash delay setting for flash bulbs. In 1952, at serial number 611000 the shutter speed progression was changed from 1/30, 1/40, 1/60 to 1/25, 1/50, 175. Earlier cameras are referred to as “Black Dial” or simply “BD” cameras, later ones are ” Red Dial” or “RD” cameras.

Another feature was added in 1954, the self timer. It can be readily identified by the large self timer arm on the front wind side of the camera. These are referred to as IIIF RD ST cameras, or occasionally as IIIF D/A cameras.

It should be noted that any IIIF camera could be sent to the factory and upgraded with a self timer.

Other variations include Canadian examples produces in Midland, Ontario, and black finish cameras for the military.

The IIC was replaced in 1951 by the IIF, a IIIF without the slow speeds. Like the IIC, the IIF had a vulcanite patch where the slow speed dial would have been. It was available both as a Red Dial as well as Black Dial. All black dial cameras, and Red Dial cameras made before 1954 have a top speed of 1/500, while red dial cameras made in 1954 and later have a top speed of 1/1000.

To round out the series, the IC was replaced by the IF in 1952. It was a IIF without the rangefinder or viewfinder. Like the IC, it had two accessory shoes on the top. Like the other cameras in this series, it was available both in red and black dial versions. Total production was just under 17,000 cameras, ending in 1958.


Production figures by year:

Leica IIIf











Year Black Dial Red Dial Self Timer Canadian
1950/51 15,000 -0- -0- -0-
1951 25,000 -0- -0- -0-
1952 30,000 35,000 -0- 1000 Black Dial
1953 -0- 18,000 -0- 1000 Red Dial
1954 -0- -0- 31,000 2000 Self Timer
1955 -0- -0- 9000 1000 Self Timer
1956 -0- -0- 14,600 367 Self Timer
1957 -0- -0- 1133 -0-
Total 70,000 53,000 55,733 5367



Leica IIf









Year Black Dial Red Dial 1/500 Red Dial 1/1000
1951 4000 -0- -0-
1952 4400 4600 -0-
1953 -0- 5000 -0-
1954 -0- 2748 3344
1955 -0- -0- 7000
1956 -0- -0- 3999
Total 8400 12348 14343


Leica If










year Black Dial Red Dial
1952 1118 800
1953 -0- 5000
1954 -0- 2000
1955 -0- 4000
1956 -0- 3900
1957 -0- 82
1958 -0- 4
Total 1118 15786

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