US$9.99: Zenza Bronica ETRSi Repair Manual

Here is ONE Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / Clean, Lubricate, and Adjust  Zenza Bronica ETRSi.

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“Zenza Bronica ETRSi Repair Manual”

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Bronica or Zenza Bronica (ゼンザブロニカ?) was a Japanese brand of medium format roll-film cameras, including rangefinder and single-lens reflex models.

Bronica cameras first appeared in 1958, when the company’s founder, Zenzaburo Yoshino, introduced a camera of his own design, the Bronica Z rollfilm camera, at the Philadelphia Camera Show. The name “Zenza Bronica” is reputedly derived from Zenzaburo Brownie Camera.[1][2] The Bronica Z and successor Bronicas, using large-coverage, high-quality Nikkor lenses, became instant successes.

Bronica later introduced lenses of its own manufacture with its later camera designs. Zenza Bronica Ltd. was eventually acquired by the lens manufacturer Tamron. Zenzaburo Yoshino died in 1988.

Tamron discontinued the brand’s single-lens reflex models (SQ, ETR and GS) in October 2004. Bronica’s last model, the RF645 rangefinder camera, was discontinued in October 2005.[3]

Bronicas were workhorse cameras for wedding and portrait photographers for many years. Secondhand Bronica cameras are still widely used by professional and serious amateur photographers, in no small part due to superior image quality of 6×4.5, 6×6 and 6x7cm roll film over smaller film and digital sensor formats.

Bronica SLR cameras employed a modular design: The major components of the camera—lens, body, film back and viewfinder—were separate and interchangeable.

The Zenza Bronica ETR is a series of 4.5×6 SLRsmanufactured by The Zenza Bronica Industries Inc., Tokyo, Japan.

  • Lens release: turn the lens clockwise when pressing the knob on the left lower front of the camera; the knob has a safety lock; the lens can be changed only when the shutter is cocked on the camera and on the lens
  • Focusing: via matte ground glass screen with central bright area and fulll-area Fresnel lens, ring and scale on the lens, screen interchangeable by a lever under the finder
  • Shutter: Seiko electronically controlled leaf shutter on the lens, speeds: 8-1/500; Mechanical control: speed 1/500, wo/battery
  • Time exposure: Self-timer, via a lever on the lens
  • Shutter release: knob on the lower right front of the camera, w/ a safety lock
  • Cable release socket: on the lower left of the camera
  • Cocking lever: folding crank, also winds the film, double exposure prevention;it is not work without the film in the camera
  • Mirror: not instant return, cocking the camera is necessary for the mirror return
  • Viewfinder: Waist level finder, interchangeable, w/ a magnifier lens, also interchangeable
  • Flash PC socket: on the upper left front of the camera, w/a cap, synch. for X all speeds
  • Dark slide:in a slot on the right side of the camera; when it is on the camera shutter can not be cocked, and the film magazine can be detached; when it is out of the camera shutter works. The dark slide is necessary to prevent the film from light when magazine changing
  • Film magazine:interchangeable, the shutter must be cocked before changing the magazine
  • Film loading: open the magazine cover and remove the film holder part with special holder shafts, load the film and put it back then slightly turn the manual winding folding lever on the right side of the magazine until film starting point mark of the film is alligned the triangular start mark on the film holder, close the magazine cover then turn the cocking crank until the number one is visible in frame counter window.
  • Others: Speed-grip shutter release connection, Motor drive contacts, flash synch contact sockets on the special part of the bottom plate; Tripod socket: 1/4 inch; Strap knobs
  • Body: metallic, Weight: 943g
  • Battery: 6v silver oxide or Alkaline 4LR44, etc.; Battery test: small green led on top left of the camera and a button beneath it

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  1. Hi

    Don’t know if my comment worked. It looked strange. So I’m writing again. I’m looking for a work shop manual for Bronica SQ-A. Any chance you can fix that for me?

    Regards Hans Wahlgren

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