US$9.99: Canon VIT / VIL / P rangefinder camera Service/ Repair Manual

Here are the Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / CLEAN, LUBRICATE, AND ADJUST the Canon VIT / Canon VIL and Canon P rangefinder cameras

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“Canon VIT / VIL / P  rangefinder camera Service/ Repair Manual”

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The Canon VT is a rangefinder camera released by Canon in 1956. Until then, Canon had a history of making slightly modified Leica copies. The release of the VT showed for the first time that Canon could be a leader in 35mm rangefinder design.

Canon kept the Leica screw mount on the VT, and little else. They changed the film advance from a top-mounted knob to a bottom-mounted trigger. The tripod socket was moved to mount a trigger wind grip. They added a swing-open back making the camera easier to load than previous bottom loading Canons.

The VT used a cloth shutter curtain, and shutter speeds were from 1s to 1/1000, plus T and B. Available Canon lenses ranged from 25mm to 800mm, and offered lenses as fast as f/1.2. Flash sync is available for FP, M, and X.

One of its best features was a 3-position viewfinder with rotating prisms, which could be set to 35mm, 50mm and RF. In the RF setting, accessory shoe-mounted viewfinders with automatic parallax correction would be used.


Cannon VIL, the range finder cameras Canon, which was released in 1958. Models in the series that incorporates design designed by industrial designer, starting with type V, may be said to form the complete machine range finder with one axis non-rotating shutter dial, automatic restoration film counter, the viewfinder magnification. I think the beauty in design and does not extend to the VI series becomes larger to incorporate the exposure meter final series of Canon Leica but 7 series.Maybe because other companies did not adopt too, pretty clear and convenient, variable magnification viewfinder less likely to be evaluated is not employed in or 7 from the problem of cost but only the frame than the switch.




The Canon P (P for Populaire) was a rangefinder camera produced by Canon Inc., compatible with the Leica screw mounting. It was introduced in March 1959 and was marketed as a low-cost sister to the Canon VI-L. A black version was also introduced, which today is quite rare. The Canon P is the predecessor to the Canon 7rangefinder.



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