US$9.99: Hasselblad Accessories Service Manual

Here are the Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / CLEAN, LUBRICATE, AND ADJUST Hasselblad Accessories, including

  1. Meter prism viewfinder PME5
  2. Prism viewfinder PM5
  3. Proshade 6093
  4. Focusing screen adapter SWC
  5. Tripod quick-coupling
  6. Meter prism viewfinder PME51
  7. Prism viewfinder PM90
  8. Standard focusing hood
  9. Converter 2XE
  10. Extension tube 16E, 32E, 56E
  11. Focucing hood E
  12. Proshade 6093-T
  13. FlexBody
  14. Reflex viewfinder RMfx
  15. Magnifying hood HM2
  16. Tripod quick-coupling S
  17. Teleconverter 1.4XE
  18. Meter prism viewfinder PME90
  19. Winder CW
  20. D-Flash 40
  21. Snap-lock flash grip
  22. ArcBody
  23. Focusing screen adapter, standard
  24. Teleconverter APO1.4XE
  25. Zoom lens FE 4.8/60 – 120 mm
  26. View magnifier
  27. Winder F
  28. Extension tube 16, 32, 56 TCC
  29. Prism viewfinder PM45
  30. Meter prism viewfinder PME45
  31. View magnifier PM45/PME45


Pictures uploaded are considered an important part of this description. Please examine carefully.

“Hasselblad Accessories Service Manual”

Language: English  

File TypePdf

Number of pages: 131 pages.

File Size: 3.99 mb.



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