US$9.99: Olympus OM10 Repair / Service Manual / Guide

Here are the Instructions / Guides / Manual you may need on How to Repair / Restore / DIY / CLEAN, LUBRICATE, AND ADJUST the Olympus OM10 SLR camera

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“Olympus OM10 Repair / Service Manual / Guide”

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Olympus OM-10

Olympus OM-10

Olympus OM-10 was introduced in 1979 as the first camera in Olympus OM “two digit” series. Because of the small size, stylish design, friendly pricing and known Olympus quality it became one of the most popular Olympus models. It is a typical 35mm single lens reflex camera with electronic control, automatic exposure and focal plane shutter. As a basic consumer model it has only the Aperture-priority Automatic Exposure but it is still able to take advantage of the whole (almost) Olympus System accessories. The OM-10’s circuits are powered by two 1.5V alkaline-manganese or silver oxide batteries. Without them, the shutter will not function. With the Olympus Electronic Flash T32 (or T20) camera turns to a auto flash mode. When turn the flash off, it reverts the camera to AE photography mode. The flash ready light is visible in the viewfinder.

To an OM-10 Owner: (from OM-10 Manual)
We appreciate very much that you have acquired an OM-10, a camera designed to allow you to take good pictures automatically and with the greatest ease. The Olympus OM-10 is a single lens reflex camera of the finest quality in which the automation of photographic functions has been made possible by employing the most advanced electronics. To its acceptability of Olympus interchangeable lenses, a special film winder, a flash, and a host of other accessories are added to make it a complete system of photography. With the OM-10 you can gradually widen your enjoyment of the photographic art. We sincerely wish that it will become for you a source of unending satisfaction. To this effect please read this instruction manual carefully be fore using the camera, so that you may be sure of taking correct, beautiful pictures every time you use your OM-10.

The Manual Exposure Adapter was provided as an option and with it, it is possible to set shutter speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. When photographing fast moving subjects, when there is a possibility of camera shake, or when you want to capture the subject in its natural tones no matter what the illumination may be, this accessory proved to be very useful and you may guess, that it was also the most popular accessory (except the flash) to the OM-10. With an electronic flash T32 or T20 and the Manual Adapter attached on, the flash unit automatically synchronizes the shutter speed of the camera. True or not but there is a warning in the camera instruction book which says: “If an electronic flash other than the T32 or T20 is used with the Manual Adapter, sometimes the shutter is not released at the speed you set on the Adapter due to the noise of the flash.” Anyway, like it´s “big brothers” the single number OM cameras the two digit OM-10 has proved to be a reliable instrument even in the hands of the serious amateur.


Film Format : 24mm x 36mm
Type: :TTL auto-exposure 35mm SLR camera
Lens mount : OLYMPUS OM Mount. About 50 different Zuiko interchangeable lenses.
Shutter : Electronically controlled cloth focal plane shutter. Manual exposure: B, 1 – 1/1,000 sec. with adapter.
Synchronization : X type contact, hot shoe.
Automatic exposure control : Aperture preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct Light Measuring System, center-weighted average light measurement. Measuring range: ASA 100 from F1.2, about 60 seconds to F16, 1/1,000 second.
Programmed Automatic Exposure : TTL direct, measuring range : approximate. -5 EV ~ 18 EV , 50mm F 1.4
Manual exposure : With a Manual Adapter
Self timer : 15sec. delay
Metering system : Olympus direct metering in body. Full aperture center weighted metering.
Measuring range : EV1.5 – EV17 (ASA 100 with F 1.2 standard lens).
Film speed Setting : ASA 12 – 3200
Power source : Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries Eveready S-76
or equivalents or alkaline manganese batteries LR 44
Viewfinder : Pentaprism type finder.
Finder view-field : 93% of actual picture field.
Reflex mirror : Quick return type (without lockup).
Manual film advance : Lever type with 130° angle for one long
or several short strokes, pre-advance angle 30°
Exposure counter : Progressive type with automatic reset.
Film rewind : Rewind crank
Weight : 430g , body alone
Dimensions : 136 x 84 x 50mm, body

OM 10

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