US$9.99: Camera Maintenance and Repair: Fundamental Techniques, A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide

This manual walks the reader through every phase of camera repair and maintenance for both electronic and mechanical models. It features basics such as how to get started, camera repair shortcuts, important dos and don’ts, cleaning techniques, general disassembly and repair methods. Also included are specialized repair techniques for hundreds of cameras and accessories, how to build test instruments, where to find parts and supplies and much more.

Language: English  

File TypePdf

Number of pages: 170 pages.

File Size: 116 mb.



How to Use This Book
What Will You Need?
Important Rules and Precautions
Shortcuts–Do’s and Don’ts
Design Configurations and their Characteristics
Mechanical Cleaning and Lubrication
Optical Cleaning
Cosmetic Cleaning–Exterior Face Lift
General Disassembly and Repair Methods
Accessories and How to Maintain Them
Testing Camera Functions without Instructions
Simple Diagnostic Tools and Methods
Test Instruments You can Build
Where to Find Parts and Supplies
Mechanically Controlled Single-Lens Reflexes
Mechanically Controlled Rangefinder Cameras
Electronically Controlled Single-Lens Reflexes
Electronic Lens-Shutter Cameras
Medium Format Cameras
Quick Notes
Lubrication Recommendations Chart
Blur-Finder Charts
Out-of Focus Troubleshooter
Shutter Speed Scales
Film Speed and Aperture Scales
Exposure Recommendation Charts for Manual Settings
Converting a Commodore-64 to a Shutter-Speed Tester
Camera Distributors and Other Sources for Parts
Recommended Readings

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