Why $9.99

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I am always passionate about film photography and classic film cameras, especially medium format twin lens reflex cameras. I have been self servicing and repairing my camera collection for quite a few years.

With a growing collection of cameras, over the years, I have also accumulated quite a big collection of camera repair guides and manuals. With these instructions, I managed to repair and service the majority of my cameras.

Majority of these materials were purchased either online or from camera repair shops. Its a big investment in time and effort.

Everything here is US 9.99.

Why spend $100+ or even much more to get it serviced or repaired by camera shops?

Why not spend $9.99 and try it out by yourself first? 

With proper tools and these manuals, you will sure be able to do it.


All the best

Camera Service

Dedicated to Classic Camera Service, Repair and Restoration, for Worldwide Fellow Photographers.

Email: camera4service@gmail.com

web: https://servicecamera.wordpress.com/



2 thoughts on “Why $9.99

  1. Hi… Do you have any material on how to repair a Fujica GS645W with a stuck shutter problem? And, of course, I will need the tools to do it… Thanks.

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